Today in the information technology industry, companies and businesses are more vulnerable and susceptible than ever to having their network attacked. Modern-day ‘hackers’ can launch spyware tools, malware, viruses, and even attempt to steal valuable company information with relative ease, which is where we come in. We are passionate about and dedicated to maintaining the security of your business.

Not only can companies be attacked from outside threats, but studies have shown that the leading greatest threat to a company is often internal to company networks. Employees can, unfortunately, be a company’s own worst nightmare. Employees sometimes unknowingly bring viruses or malware onto the network through email or simply browsing the web, by losing laptops containing sensitive information, and even purposefully trying to cause damage to a network or steal information from their employer.

When it comes to network security, FNETCON doesn't cut corners. Our systems and network staff perform risk assessment and rigorously follow guidelines and standards of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). We will identify and evaluate risks to your environment and potential impacts, as well as recommend all available risk-reducing measures.

Not having the proper security measures in place to secure your networking environment can be very costly financially. FNETCON staff have extensive experience in securing the information system environments of our clients and will provide you with a friendly and seasoned partnership.